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Discover How You Can Automate Your Online Business And Produce Full Time Guarantee Monthly Income No Matter What Business You are In With Internet Marketing Malaysia!







From: Dechen Lau

Dear, Marketer

If you're frustrated with trying to figure out how to make money on internet, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read!

Educating yourself about the correct ways of making money on Internet business is the most important thing you can do to make yourself successful. Nearly all Net Guru are learning the same system to success on internet.


Education is the KEY!


Some of the greatest Internet Marketers spend thousands of dollars on education. For example, Information Marketing Guru Ron Legrand admits to spending $30,000 a year on education expenses such as books, seminars, e-books, and manuals!

Terry Dean, another successful Internet Marketer, says he spent over $11,000 last year on education! This is his second biggest expense after advertising!

So why do these experts spend so much money on education? Don't these "know-it-alls" already know it all?


They are constantly learning so they can stay ahead of the competition!

The Success Principles
How to Get From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be






Mark Victor Hansen

Human Potential . Sales .
Entrepreneurship . Peak Performance





Exposing the myths that keep MOST
people from even getting started
on  internet...


The number one reason why most online business ideas never even get off the ground, and the simple step you MUST take in order to get started!

How every business -- even a beauty salon or the real estate -- can quickly, easily, and dramatically increase their profits using the Internet.

The power of using free information to lure people to your site -- and putting that information to work for you as an "invisible salesperson."


Seminar Workshop 



Put your business on Auto-pilot and creating a
truly "hands-free" profit stream With Internet Marketing Malaysia!
  • Why you need to automate your business right away -- even if you are just starting out and even if you are only making one sale a week!

  • The hidden roadblock that can stop almost ALL online businesses making money -- no matter how great your product or service if you are not using the right tools and system.

  • How automation can give you the power to easily start developing multiple streams of online income by freeing your valuable time from mind-numbing chores like answering e-mails and fulfilling orders!

  • The reason many entrepreneurs begin to feel more like a secretary than a salesperson -- and the exact tools you need to avoid this all-too-common pitfall with Internet Marketing!

During The Seminar

"I will actually SHOW you lives on Internet how it's done using Internet Marketing System!"

At a seminar or workshop, we will teach you step by step on the system exactly how the system work, after all we talking about making money using the Internet, it's really important for people to see HOW things are done, rather than just hearing me talk about it.

Stress And Relax

                                               Seminar Free Gift 


  • What if you could join a Internet Marketing Seminars that would teach you everything you would ever need to know about Making Money On Internet?

    What if you could instantly learn Internet Marketing how to make money instead of being in the dark for many years until the information finally got to you?

    What if you could learn first hand from the Internet Marketing system how to make money in 30 minutes everyday from the comfort of your home?

    And what if being part of this remarkable private success community is so outrageously inexpensive that you would have to be absolutely crazy not to become part of it?


Finally will teach you all the secrets of success internet marketing system that creates money and profits for me. Better yet, I show you exactly how to relate my techniques to make money with this success system!

As you can see, I not only take the time to explain some of my most powerful money-making secrets in detail with you, I also show you how to use the tools that make it all possible for you with internet marketing Malaysia!




"Success is a learnable skill. You can learn to

succeed at anything... If you want to be rich,

you can learn how to do it. It doesn't matter

where you are right now. It doesn't matter

where you are starting from. What matters is

that you are willing to learn."


"Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" (page 182)
T. Harv Eker




  The Benefit Of Attending The Internet Seminar Malaysia Workshop...


We will show you how to run it from home or anywhere with a telephone connection.
  • There is almost no investment to get started on Internet Business.
  • There is no face to face selling involved in Internet Marketing Business.
  • You can put your Business on Autopilot and go on vacation.
  • You will learn how to be success in Internet Marketing in any products.
  • Best of all you will be guided through step-by-step in this Internet Marketing seminar workshop.


    More happy members ...


    A very clear and resourceful of step by step instructions on how to set up and optimize wordpress blog workshop. Personally, I'll recommend this workshop to anyone who want to set up his own wordpress blog or preparing a good weblog.


    Elvin Liew

    Real Estate Agent




    Great workshop! Highly recommended to anyone to attend this workshop! Full content rich with step by step instructions on latest wordpress blogging techniques.


    Uzaidi Udanis

    General Manager Vacasia Tours




    Your Internet Marketing Training course was phenomenal. You presented education that I never would have been able to learn on my own, because I just wouldn't know where to begin. Thanks for being willing to share your vast knowledge, your excellent unbiased help and for taking the time to understand my situation before making recommendations. I highly recommend Dechen to everyone here. He is an excellent resource as most who have been members of this community centre know. I sincerely appreciate your consultant approach to my challenge. Thanks, again, Dechen!!!"


    Eric Loke CEO)



    This is MUST ATTEND course for those who are interested in building their income or multiple incomes using the Internet. Although I have experience in the industry being the pioneer in the industry in late 90s and also the writer for The Sun newspaper - ON THE NET WITH ZACH & ANNIE, I have gained so much invaluable information and tools from this seminar. Dechen keep abreasts on the Internet trend and he made it easier for me to get up-dated information and latest tools.


    Dr. Annie Lim Entrepreneur,Trainer and Speaker




    My wife and I have been doing business online since 1998.We learn everything about e-commerce on our own. Attending about e-commerce class was a big knock on my head. I'd rather pay Dechen three times more for his awesome class rather than doing on my own on how to make money online. He is truly a guru! Despite some of us know about internet, he has the ability to guide you according to your know-how. In my opinion , he is one of the top Internet Guru in Asia .


    Zach Ho ,Co- Founder & Master Trainer




    "Dechen's Internet Marketing Seminar Coaching has totally shortened my learning curve in internet business. Continuous technical & resources support from Dechen has made me more successful in my internet business career. Simply said, Dechen's Internet Marketing Seminar Coaching is a 'One-Stop Solution' for whoever want to venture into internet business."


    Keith Ng

    Marketing Director 




    Through time, I pick bits and pieces of information like spider crawl, website ranking   with right keywords and PPC search engines. What I have learn in the 2 days seminar  give me the whole picture of how to make the hotel website more prominent. I can  now advise our consultants our needs for Internet Marketing.


    Judy Ng

    Sales Director

    Federal Hotel Kuala Lumpur





    NO MATTER where you are in the internet world, Dechen's comprehensive two day internet marketing seminar brings you BACK-ON-TRACK, and set you on the path of success. Never be lost in cyberspace again when you have the MAP at the back of your hands.


    Dechen Lau's internet marketing seminar gives you CLARITY,KNOW-HOW, and the EXPERTISE you need to FIND your way through the complex cyber world and GET to where you want to be.

     Gerald Chuah

     Writer Of Malaysia News Straits Time        




    It's been a great 4 weeks since I attended your Internet Marketing Seminar
    workshop. I came to know a lot of things which actually good for my
    own business as well. Your comprehensive & one-to-one workshop
    really gives me benefits to expand my market. I am able to give
    service & solutions even for those who came with tight budget. It's
    really handful with all the free tools you gave me. I don't have to
    spend a lot of money to buy all those stuff.

    Apart form that, I'm proud to know that you really handful even
    after the workshop. You are always there to make sure all your so
    called "student" to do the right things. Thanks a a lot for giving me
    a lot of tips & guidance all the time. It's been a great to know that
    you willing to spent time & effort to guide me without question. I
    feel really appreciated & worth for the investment I made. It's been
    a great pleasure to know you as a Trainer & Friend.

    It makes me happy because its not a "one time go" workshop like most
    people doing. You are there to help to make sure all your "students"
    will find their own success. Hopefully, you will be there always
    & 'I'm sure you will.

    Kanicen (CEO)



    Your Internet Marketing course is AWESOME! For those who are interested in earn money using Internet, YES! This is a MUST ATTEND course for you. By attending his course, I learn a lot of internet marketing strategies, tools and get a lot of support from him.

    Before attending this AWESOME course, I know nothing about Internet Marketing. Now, my site www.WaterPillowOnline.com is dominating the top ranking in the search engine Yahoo, Google and Msn. I have a few sites which are also listed at the top ranking in search engine for certain keywords.
    I felt it was so important to be listed at the top of the search engines when potential customers search using keywords important to my business.

    Now, I’m doing business with people who didn't even know about me. You have given my company worldwide exposure and opened up new countries to us. We now do business in United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia. You have literally eliminated the oceans!


    With The Best Regards,
    Internet Marketer of Solid Nation Sdn Bhd
    www.OCAWaterPillow.com (Online Business – Malaysia)
    www.WaterPillowOnline.com (Worldwide Online Business)
    www.SolidNation.com (Chef Hat, Hotel & Restaurant Supplier)



    Dechen's course is very practical, he is totally different from typical many other Internet ebook marketer, you can choose to do what you love to do. He also offers many freebies that are really useful and can be applied immediately, to help you generate another stream of income in very short period of time.

    Garry Cheng from Singapore.


    Dechen and Keith has done a very thorough job in sharing his knowledge and experiences about blogging using wordpress.

    There are willing to impart his knowledge to anyone who wish to attend this Wordpress Seminar Workshop.


    Bill Poh

    Senior Citizen Blogger




    Excellent! I have attended so many seminars and this is one of the best hand's on workshop I ever attended.







    More Testimonials...

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     Your Internet Marketing Malaysia seminars have give new life to my knowledge on how to market and manage my web page the way it should be done at a fraction of my advertising budget YET the potential in worldwide. Initially after attending many preview all over, yours is truely different. This is what all Business should do if they want to expand and expand fast globally. With your guidance and your sincerity in wanting to effective depart your  knowledge it really give me a short-cut to gain many potential in my future Business expansion through the Net cost effectively and efficiently. - S.P.Lim ,CEO of Time Avenue Sdn Bhd ,http://www.healthy-beauty.com

    “Mr. Dechen’s Internet Marketing Seminar came at the right time while I was looking for ways to improve the role of  my company website. I believe I should be able to do better with the internet marketing for the company’s business and his training answered all my questions. After attended his training, our company’s website from no where to be seen within Google’s search has jumped to no. 1 & 2’s ranking within weeks only and I have not only recovered my investment but is now generating good business leads. Thanks a lot to your excellent work! - Lee Te Hua ,Managing Director of TH IT Resources Sdn Bhd ,      

    This internet marketing seminar is for all who are serious in marketing their products and capturing customers awareness in the net. Even though one could be well verse or knowledgeable in computer e-commerce they still lack the direction and execution this seminar/course offer.I have found the just course & personally endorse this program and benefited this thoroughly. - Boon.S.Teoh , Managing Director (Australia)

    After attending Dechen's internet marketing Malaysia seminar, I've build my website with only a little money. He is the best Internet Guru around who is willing to reveal the secret on how to make money from the Internet!
    - Director, Casey Ching, Malaysia

    This seminar has taught me the miracle of marketing in the internet using affliate programs, blogs and involving inforum. Just awesome. Thank Dechen & team.  - Zuraffidar A Bakar , Malaysia

     It is a good one-to-one coaching where I get a personal coach and 'after sale' service. I will get guidance till my website is up in the search engine.                                                                    Dr.khairun Nadzar ,Malaysia

     first time in an internet marketing seminar that surprises me by providing nearly all the tools to help me get started in internet marketing aspects of my business. No 'necessary' additional cost before I've even started.
    Tiew Eng Joo, www.blueforest.com.my , Malaysia

    I found that the Seminar covered the topics on Internet Marketing Seminar and provided us with various tools on how we could get out Internet business on line, knowing how to start. Explored a lot of ideas on how Internet Marketing could be done without having to be an Expert
        - Vijayan Kuttan,New Zealand

     I would recommend anyone interested to go into Internet Marketing. i thoroughly enjoy the seminar and will be back for more.Dechen's & all his assistants gave their Best & With No Hold's Bar Training 
        - Ken Lye, Malaysia

     I must say that I have learn a great deal these 2 days through I have attended many others.Your hands-on approach is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Dechen Lau
        - Jessie Yap   www.beautyhealthsense.com , Malaysia

     This seminar is for all who are serious in marketing their products and capturing customers™ awareness in the net. Even though one could be well verse or knowledgeable in computer e-commerce they still lack the direction and execution this seminar/course offer. I have found the just course & personally endorse this program and benefited this thoroughly.                                   
     - Mr.Boon, Managing Director ,Australia

     The most important thing is to gain hands-on experience on setting up a REAL website. Apart from this, there are plenty of tips on money-making opportunities that are shared by Dechen which I never ever came across. Never know that there is such a 'gold mine' sitting in the vacuum of internet which many of us, ie IT dinasours, never came across. There are still many more things that I need to learn.... Finally, at least at the end of the 2-days, I able to OWN a domain, a sub-domain, a blog and a blog in myspace. What an achievement!! Thanks DeChen - Jennifer Yip , Malaysia

     I've been going through online business for nearly a year & invested (& lost) some money yet what I've learn during this 'practical' seminar had been more rewarding than all the 'theories' I've bought into & didn't practice. This seminar is really suitable for newbies as it is run by a person who are not into 'impossible-to-understand' jargons. Suitable for somebody like myself who are self taught in computer.  - Jacqueline Michael ,Malaysia

    Enlightening session for me. The hands on approach was effective. Thank you - Aminudin Daud, Trainer

    A lot of contents and hands on being taught and shown. Very satisfied with the course- Philip Koay , I.T Trainer

    This 2 days workshop has given me great insights of what the internet can do in the business world. A lot of opportunity is available and explore from the internet - Yap May Ling -HR Executive

    A very good concept of Internet Marketing workshop. An opportunity to develop and learn at your pace even after the 2 days workshop, where you become members and learn as your progress. Vast opportunity and high confidence with good future follow ups and never ending possibilities to learn and master the "Internet Marketing Concept." A Good Motto "When You Join Power Success Marketing Workshop" .You Join For Life. Kenny Damian - Senior Officer (Bank)

    I am grateful that I know more about internet marketing and what's all about affiliate linking. Very enjoyable throughout the 2 days course especially the hand on exercise. I definitely comeback for more. - Christie Wong, Accountant , Malaysia

    Very good seminar for beginners to learn about internet marketing. We learn many strategies for internet marketing and what works effectively, Dechen is also answered all the question well. I am looking forward to the live project we have been assigned to do. Leong Yee Hoe , -Engineer

    I have attended 2 other internet marketing workshops and this is the only one where I can confidently go and start my internet business after 2 days. This is a very good case of " under-promise over deliver " service. I am very happy with your workshop. - Khaw Hoe Guan. Entrepreneur

    It has been an exciting and knowledgeable two days seminar. Dechen method was clear and simple to understand even for a newbie's like myself in internet marketing. Lovann Tan (M.D)- Hair Stylist Designer

    Appreciate your teachings. You done a great job. Giving me a lot of support. Hopefully I'do my best to implement your teachings. You really help me to open up to the internet world. Wan Kwai Cheng, ,Trainer,

    After the 2 days intensive seminar on online marketing. I am fully charged to get started my online business. This is the best training I have attended so far on Internet Marketing - Elvin , http://www.realestate-elvincom.com  Estate Agent

    Awesome training. Dechen's shares many of the tips and tricks of internet marketing. Unlike other so call gurus out there. He uses his own websites to do the demonstration and sharing. He truly  practices what he preaches. If you want to cut short your learning curve by 3-5 years, you must join his training. Adrian Lee,Infopreneur

    It was a fun technical hands on Internet Marketing Malaysia course that I have attended. I really feel confident with Dechen's showing us the real world of Internet Marketing. Congratulations on putting a course that adds value to me and look forward to more courses you may have available. - Joseph Wilbert Jambu , http://www.clhmgt.com I.T Project Manager -Contractor

    Informative and good hands on programme - Yacob Masir  ,Vice President (Bank)

    I had learn a lot through this two days workshop, from a totally zero knowledge on Internet Marketing to something. I like the "step by step" teaching method, this would make sure every person will follow the progress. Thanks and I am ready to earn some money online! Gan Teck Yoong - Control/Automation Engineering ,

    Wow! It's the most "hand-On" programme that I 've ever encountered and Dechen is genuine coach who shares selflessly. This is the best investment I've made thus far, from a akeptical doubting newbie to an eager and "roaring-with-excitement-and-hope" internet marketing rookie. Dechen, thank you. My life will never be the same , thanks to your selfless guidance. You're truly a champ. Gary Edward Chong - Lawyer

    During this two days, I really find this course very informative and practical. I am very satisfy that Dechen will continue to assist and guide us if we are still with it. This course really worth attending. Susan Tan - Unit Trust & Insurance Consultant.

    This course was very informative. The hands-on exercises was good. Overall, the course was great and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in internet marketing. Wendy Tan - Finance Manager


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